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Some Chromebooks will now get 9 years of updates

Though Chromebooks are pretty much famous but the main problem with Chromebooks is that they have an expiration date after which they will no longer receive any updates. Google is now providing some Chromebooks just nine years of guaranteed support.

When Chromebook reaches it’s end which is officially known as Auto Update Expiration date or AUE. It can no longer receive the updates to Chrome OS. This is not a great deal as Chrome OS is still loads of handy and shiny features. Now as of now updating Chrome OS is the only way to get the updates to Google Chrome browser. Again setting the shiny features aside the real reason that it is very critical to update Google Chrome is to ensure that you have got all the latest security enhancements keeping your web browsing private as well as secure. So you can definitely continue to use a Chromebook past the expiration date you are doing so with ever-increasing risk. Google has now updated it’s support page that lists expiration dates for each Chromebooks in their use of the latest AMD processors which includes Ryzen 7 3700C. We can expect any further devices which are based on this generation of AMD processors to have June 2029 as their expiration date.

Now it remains to be seen that whether 9 years are going to become the new norm for Chrome OS devices but it is definitely the major step toward ensuring many users will replace their device long before it reaches its expiration. At the same time Google is working to address security concerns for the old Chromebooks by letting Google Chrome the browser to be updated from Chrome OS separately and for longer period.

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