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Telegram 7.2 adds new features and treats for Halloween

Telegram released a major update in the previous month and they added the channel replies, search filters and many more things. Halloween is just round the corner and Telegram is up for it. The the v7.2 this famous messaging app is getting improved which some more features like location sharing, pinned messagesm animated emojis and many more.

You are allowed to pinned multiple messages simply by tapping on the top bar jumping between them. There is also a new button for viewing them at once. Pinned messages are available in one-on-one chats now and they are limited to channels and groups.

In v7.2 location sharing has also been included. Now friends can share their location plus now you can set an alert when they are approaching nearby so you don’t need to glue your eyes to the phone. The icons on the live location map now shows which direction you are facing which will help you in spotting the distance.

There are many more features included in this version like when you send multiple sings at once they will automatically be grouped in a playlist thus making is simple and easier to listen to, forward and comment on. Opening all of them queues them all up by using the built-in media player. When the multiple files are sent at once they will be seen in single chat bubble. For the admins of the channels there are some new stats on the individual posts which includes a list of which public channels posts have been forwarded to. The animations were improved greatly in the last update and they are on the same track in this version as well. Sending the messages as well as switching the songs in the music player will look a lot better now all because of the smooth animations. You can also make memes easily as you will be allowed to edit and resend the photo quickly. Telegram has also come up with new animated emoji which are perfect for the Halloween like empty coffin and crawling spiders etc.

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Google Messages conversation categories are about to roll out

Google Messages is the default messaging app of many Android app and it is an important tool for staying in touch with your friends and family members. This app is continuously working on expanding the RCS support and experimenting with some new features. Now the users will be able to find the specific messages quicker than ever thanks to the categories that sort the messages into some specific channels.

We have got the information from series of images which were posted on Twitter of the categories in action. With the screenshots you can predict that Google is working on improving the search experience with the messages sorted based on content. At the moment it looks like the sections available include transactions, OTP, personal and catch all category called more. You can control the message sorting by a toggle in the app settings so that you can instantly disable it if you select. Google is not god at sticking with the single communication app for long term but the company has introduced some impressive messaging features along the way.

This feature has started rolling out for SMS messages and the bar is now displayed just above the message list thus showing various categories available. Apart from filtering your text you can also change the one it has been assigned to and share the message with Google to enhance its categorization.

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Google One comes with its own VPN in selected plans

Now a days online privacy is utmost importance. Most of the people turn to VPN to help protect their data from prying eyes. Firefox and Opera has got one each and now Google is also offering a free VPN to the members of it’s Google One subscription plans.

The brand new VPN by Google One has been added on plans with 2TB or more storage and it is right into the google One app that was released in the year 2018. it encrypts all of your device’s traffic so that the outside sources can not decipher what you are upto online. If you share you plan with your family members they will also get access to VPN as well if they are using Android devices.

Google One app also offers a free phone backups which means Google is making it irresistible to its users. This VPN is very easy and useful especially because it is very easy to enable. Google has got a free VPN service that will come in action when you connect to a public WiFi networks if the WiFi Assistant feature is enabled on your Android device but the VPN included in Google One app is pretty much visible. This new VPN will be available in US in next few weeks through Google One app on Android and it will expand in other countries gradually. It will also be expanded to other platforms like Windows, iOS and Mac later. You can make your own VPN in less than half an hour if you are not playing for premium Google One plan.

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You can now hide liked YouTube videos in YouTube Music

YouTube Music and YouTube are interlinked for many people’s choices and it looks like Google is taking some serious steps to decouple the services. YouTube Music app has become an option that allows you to hide the liked music video from YouTube. This feature is not applied tot he liked sings in the video streaming service. Recommendations as well as watch history sometimes shifts from one platform to another.

When you will go to or the YouTube Music app on your phone and then open the settings from account menu in the top right corner of the interface. You will be greeted by a new option ‘Show your like music from YouTube’. The toggle is turned on by default so that if you dont need your liked YouTube music videos to show up in YTM, you have to switch off manually. Once it is done you will notice that videos you liked on YouTube no longer appear in YouTube Music. It is great for some videos that YouTube erroneously recognizes as music.

There are no corresponding setting in YouTube by itself so the liked YouTube Music songs still appear on the video platform. Though the song recommendations are still popping up from YouTube Music to YouTube homepage. Sometimes the music history will appear in YouTube, especially when you ask Google Assistant to start a playlist on your TV or use YouTube Music Android TV app. These are the two issues the developers should tackle to separate the two services.

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Surf the Internet more securely on Chrome by Android with Enhanced Safe Browsing

Google is providing loads of resources in order to help us stay safe while we are surfing on the Internet with various measures like Safe Browsing for Chrome. They have recently introduced an improved version of this tool. For the desktop it has been already widely available and now it is slowly rolling out on Android. Now if you need to grab Enhanced Safe Browsing there are two flags that will bring it to you.

In order to get access to the brand new security feature you need to go to chrome://flags and search for “safe browsing”. You are required to activate these two flags:

once it is enabled you are required to go to settings and then look for the new Privacy and security section replacing the Privacy only entry of old. Here you will find a new Safe Browsing UI that allows you to select between standard and improved protection. Just like the current stable desktop version you can select your preferred level right here but you can also tap the arrow next to both the entries in order to learn more about the options.

The enhanced protection will have more proactive features. The standard version just checks the URLs with a pre-created list of all the sites which are unsafe and they are updated regularly. The new mode sends the unknown URLs to Google’s servers in order to test them in real time. It helps you protect from the sites that instantly change their addresses in order to evade the company’s other protection measures. If you are signed in, the data is saved to your Google account temporarily in order to fight against possible parallel phishing attacks on other devices or services. Google says the new measure increases the security by about 20% on the desktops and 25% on mobile. The only difference between standard and improved protection you will see is lack of sharing option for latter when you will hit any malicious site. That is all because you agree to send the suspicious links to Google by default so there is no need for an option asking you to do as much.

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The PS 5 app has been redesigned by Sony

Before the release of PlayStation 5, Sony has come up with an update for its Remote Play app earlier this month. The main PlayStation app is going under complete overhauling process that has been built to compliment gaming experience on both PS4 and PS5 consoles. The PlayStation app has been redesigned and some new features like voice chat and native PS Store integration has been added.

The user interface has been updated and the rounded bottom navigation bar will be cooler. It has got a new home screen that shows you what your friends are playing and providing the key details about your recently played games. Sony has integrated the functionality from PS Messages app into this new app so it can serve one stop shop for flawless messaging between gamers. The focus on the communication continues with the voice chat. The party group can easily be created directly from the app and users are allowed to chat with 15 friends. The PlayStation Store is front as well as center now. Upon the launch of the PS5 the app will let the owners to remotely launch the games, manage the console storage as well as instantly sign in to the console from their smartphones.

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Google Pixel 5, realme 7i, and 11 more devices become ARCore certified

As people are staying at home most of the time in this pandemic era the importance of augmented reality has increased incredibly. AR has not been as novel as it was some years ago but this does not mean that Google is not expanding its ARCore SDK to more devices in order to enable them to flawlessly access AR experiences like the virtual zoo.

Adding of a device into the ARCore list means that Google has certified it to ensure that the functions like CPU, camera and various other sensors work as are expected in the AR-capable apps. There are thirteen new devices that Google has tested and approved to be added into the list. These thirteen devices are as follows

Google Pixel 5
Google ixel 4a 5G
relame 7i
Asis Zenfone 7/7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy A20e
Realmi X7 Pro 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Sharp AQUOS zero5G basic
Sharp AQUOS zero5G basic DX
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S
Google recently pivoted away from the Playground which was the AR-powered app for Pixel devices. But Google has continued to invest in enhancing as well as adding new AR experiences like museum exhibits and various other 3D objects. This is the 2nd time in this month that Google has updated the list so it is clear that ARCore may not be the something new in the arena and it is not the one to be sidelined at the moment.

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Some Chromebooks will now get 9 years of updates

Though Chromebooks are pretty much famous but the main problem with Chromebooks is that they have an expiration date after which they will no longer receive any updates. Google is now providing some Chromebooks just nine years of guaranteed support.

When Chromebook reaches it’s end which is officially known as Auto Update Expiration date or AUE. It can no longer receive the updates to Chrome OS. This is not a great deal as Chrome OS is still loads of handy and shiny features. Now as of now updating Chrome OS is the only way to get the updates to Google Chrome browser. Again setting the shiny features aside the real reason that it is very critical to update Google Chrome is to ensure that you have got all the latest security enhancements keeping your web browsing private as well as secure. So you can definitely continue to use a Chromebook past the expiration date you are doing so with ever-increasing risk. Google has now updated it’s support page that lists expiration dates for each Chromebooks in their use of the latest AMD processors which includes Ryzen 7 3700C. We can expect any further devices which are based on this generation of AMD processors to have June 2029 as their expiration date.

Now it remains to be seen that whether 9 years are going to become the new norm for Chrome OS devices but it is definitely the major step toward ensuring many users will replace their device long before it reaches its expiration. At the same time Google is working to address security concerns for the old Chromebooks by letting Google Chrome the browser to be updated from Chrome OS separately and for longer period.

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LG’s new Tone Free earbuds tweak their hardware with a key upgrade

LG introduced its brand new Tone Free earbuds at the start of this ear and now they has come up with another set of earbuds in the lineup of Tone Free after the success of the previous one. This new st has come up with a key feature but the question here is is it enough to compete with the already established ones.

HBS-FN7 is an updated version of HBS-FN6 earbuds of LG which means they offer comfort ear-fit. The sound is tuned by Meridian and there is a charging case that uses ultraviolet light for eliminating 99.9% of certain bacteria from the inner earbuds. The case has also got an LED light on the top that reveals charging level as well as cleanliness status which is very useful. The most impressive feature in the new earbuds set id the noise cancellation which is introduced for the first time in LG’s tone Free range. LG has outfitted the FN7 with the three microphones on every earbud that monitor the incoming sound waves and neutralize them. There is a patented twist-fit Vortex Ribs on the ear gels which are adjustable along with new ANC functionality. It should help the buds block out a good amount of the environmental noise. The earbuds have launched today in South Korea and it will be available in various parts of North America, Asia and Europe.

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Tap-to-pay issues with Google Pay is affecting phones from Google, OnePlus, and various others

Well it is more convenient, safer and hygienic by paying through NFC with Google Pay than swiping a payment card though a cleaned payment terminal. Now a days almost each flagship phone has got NFC interface needed for Google Pay to function. But it is not a guarantee that tap-to-pay will work. The issues have come up on Galaxy Note20 Ultra as well as Pixel 5 but it looks like that this problem might more than expected.

People who owns the newer phones like Pixel 5 and Galaxy Nore20 Ultra have theor reservations about NFC problems affecting the use of Google Play in stores. These both are not the only devices which are experiencing these issues. Some of the users from OnePlus 8 from earlier this year seems to have same error. Google Pay lets the users to sign in as well as register cards just fine. The use of tap-to-pay brings up the red exclamation mark and a very handy message which states ‘That didn’t work’.

At the moment there are no way to resolve the problem. The usual cure-all like resetting the device or re-installing Google Pay app does not make any difference. Since this application relies on Google, OEMs and banking institutions there are many culprits to look for in this issue. We are hopeful that this issued will be resolved in the future update to Google Pay app.