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Tapatalk has been removed from the Google Play Store

Tapatalk is an extremely popular Android app for years as it provides a very simple and easy access to thousands of web forums through single application, in a time when many websites had very limited mobile layouts. This app has still got loyal following though it has been removed from the Google Play Store.

The app was removed from Play Store few days ago when people started noticing its absence on Thursday. The app is still functional for those who have downloaded it. VIP subscriptions are not available now as they relied on Google Play in-app billing. The social media channels have also been silent as the Twitter account has not posted since April and the Facebook page has also been inactive for more than a year. The admin on Tapatalk’s own forums has confirmed that Google has removed the app. The admin said that they are working on Google Play to find out what the problem is plus they have told their users to stay tuned for the update.

The exact reason for the removal of the app has not been clear yet but Google has removed many applications lately for odd reasons. They removed Podcast Addict in May because it could be used for playing podcasts about COVID-19. Slide for Reddit was also removed as there was a screenshot with a word ISIS in it. Tasker was also removed from Play Store for a short period of time due to an error in automated review process of Google.

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Android 11 bug prevents apps from going fullscreen

Android 11 is now more than one month old but we are still facing bugs in the official release. It has got glitchy media controls, issues with the multitasking and some of the new things introduced are not good at all. The latest bug which is worth mentioning is affecting the mobile gamers but it is annoying for everyone who uses apps that go full screen.

This problem sees the status and the navigation bar remain visible on the screen despite having an app that goes fullscreen. Apps like YouTube and games takes up the entire screen when they go fullscreen in order to allow the content to take over. But after the up-gradation to Android 11 many of the users are finding that these app can not fill the whole screen.

This bug is annoying for the mobile gamers whose phones are always in the fullscreen mode. Phones have become taller and thinner over the years and a status bar as well as navigation bar cutting into the available screen real estate is far from ideal. Some of the users have found success in closing the apps and then restarting them though it may depend on the app they are using and on what device they are using. This problem is also in Samsung’s One UI 3.0 which is based on Android 11. People reported this bug during the betas but Google was not able to reproduce it and closed the issue. The company may take a second look at it as this is gaining more attention and hopefully the problem will be solved soon.

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Spotify has got the option to Sign up with Google

Spotify has been working with Facebook for years now and it has also provided the option to log in with your Facebook account. They just recently added the option of Apple ID login and now they are coming up with an option to create an account through Google.

Spotify for Android has now an option of ‘Continue with Google’ option which will allow you to create Spotify account that is connected to your Google account. The existing options for logging in with independent account and with Facebook are still available. There is no account to an existing account to Google as yet.

However you are should stick to creating a regular Spotify account. The Google login button is not available on all of the platforms yet. The only fix will be to convert the account to a regular Spotify login by triggering password reset. Single Sign-On options are also not a very good idea as they can increase the possibility to damage your account if your Google account is compromised. It will result in losing access to the Spotify account as well if your Google account is ever deleted of suspended. This feature is available for Android and the web but is not on iOS or Windows clients. If your Spotify email address is same as your Google email address then you are prompted to login with your email address and password instead. If your Spotify email address is different from your Google email address, you will have to create a new account if you select to sign up with Google.

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Xiaomi has announced 80W wireless charging technology

Fast Charging has become the main battleground in the smartphone war recently and Xiaomi is always ahead of everyone. Last year the they announced that they are working on a 100W wired charger that could fully fill a 4,000mAh battery in only 17 minutes. Now they are planning to go one step ahead if it with the 80W Mi Wireless Charging that will take less time to do the same job without wires.

Most of the smartphones with the wireless charging support lies somewhere between 10 to 15W. OnePlus 8 Pro came up with it’s 30W wireless charging and on the other hand Huawei’s P40 Pro+ and Oppo’s Reno Ace can do 40W. The Mi 10 Ultra of Xiaomi can charge wirelessly at 50W which is already very fast but 80W will blow your mind away.

According to Xiaomi, its next generation tech can charge the battery from 0-100% in just 19 minutes. It reaches 10% mark in just a minute and 50% mark in 8 minutes. The 30W wireless charging of company takes 25 minutes to go to 50% and almost 70 minutes to reach 100% so we can say that it is a staggering enhancement. Wireless power has always been considered as more convenient that the plugged I, but it is always slower as well as less efficient. With such speeds we can expect portless phones becomes popular and normal sooner or later.

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First leaks to show off Samsung’s Galaxy S21+

It has been eight months now since Samsung announced its Galaxy S20 lineup which means the next flagship series is not far away. There are some leaks of S21+ which are taking the spotlight in the new series of CAD renders.

The leaks has shown that the device is pretty much different from the backside compared to the current generation. The camera system of S21+ is located at the top left corner. The lenses are most likely to consist of the main sensor which is paired with an ultra wide as well as a telephoto like in the previous version. The housing of the camera has been tweaked with the layout that goes to the top edge and on the left side of the phone. Flash has been separated from the lenses and it looks a bit odd sitting separately.

When it comes to the dimensions of the device it will be 161.5×75.6×7.85mm plus it has got a 6.7-inch Infinity-O display which is flat. There are no curved edges found in this one. As compared to the previous-gen S20+, this phone is going to be a little bit shorter, thicker as well as wider. The battery size has not been confirmed yet. The charging port, mic and the speaker are on the bottom edge. The power button as well as volume rocker are located on the right hand side and the SIM tray is located on the top. Samsung S21 is rumored to be launched in January 2021 which will be a bit earlier in this year than as usual. The S21 series is looking very interesting and people are eager to have the phone in their hands.

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Google Apps can be accessed on Huawei and Honor Phones with Googlefier app

Huawei has recently announced the Mate 40 but like all the recent phones from company, it lacks Google apps. Installing the apps and corresponding services on Huawei and Honor phones is possible but till now it was a very time-taking process and involved loads of steps to complete. But now an app known as Googlefier will change it all. This app does not provide a one-step solution but still it makes the process very approachable with limited automation as well as step-by-step guidance.

You are required to grant all permissions it asks for once you have installed it on your Huawei and Honor phone and after that simply follow the instructions it provides you. It uses the LZ Play method that has become very famous following Mate 30 launch. Once you are done with all the steps which are displayed in the app you should be able to install the Play Store. Now you need to log in to your Google account and ultimately get all the Google apps you require.

Googlefier has been developed by XDA Developers and they have tested the workflow on MatePad pro and P40 Pro running RMUO 10 and it finished the process in five to seven minutes. It is strongly recommended that you start the whole process after factory reset, so you need to back up all of your data, messages, files and so on before you advance. Googlefier works on both Huawei and Honor devices.

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WhatsApp has added a Mute Forever feature

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app owned by Facebook has now come up with the much awaited feature that it has included the forever option in the mute menu for the users all across the world. According to many users, this feature should have been there from the very beginning. WhatsApp announced the introduction of the new feature on Twitter for both iOS and Android. WhatsApp has also confirmed that the new feature will also be available on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp till now allowed it’s users to mute a chat for just few hours, weeks or a year. But now they have removed the option of muting the chat for 1 year with forever. This new feature has come as a sigh a relief for many users. This new mute forever feature will be rolled out via an OTA update.

In order to update WhatsApp you are required to go to Google Play store on your Android device and if you are using iPhone then go to App store. You need to make sure to connect your device to a stable WiFi connection before updating messaging app. Once the app is updated you will get the mute forever feature in the list under Mute option in the Settings menu. Now you are required to click on the option to mute the particular chat forever. After this you will never be notified if the contact that has been muted sends you a new message. This was a requirements of many users who were receiving many unwanted messages everyday. This feature is making more sense now as we are working from home amid coronavirus pandemic and are highly dependent on the messaging platform to connect with our friends.

In the coming days WhatsApp is going to add voice as well as video calling features to the WhatsApp Web version. With this feature, WhatsApp is planning to compete with other video calling platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom and many more. Not so long ago WhatsApp extended the voice as well as video call participant to eight from four members.

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How to transfer your Google Music playlist to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is an application which Android users were using for the last decade but now they are shutting down the app for some of the users all around the globe. If you are an Android users then you must have noticed that you are prompted whenever you open Google play Music which advises you to shift you music playlists to YouTube music. According to some reports many people have not been able to access their content through this app or it;s web portals. On some phone it is even showing that “Google Play Music is no longer available”.

It is not a sudden decision by Google Play Music as they have announced it few months ago that they are closing. YouTube Music is a hot property at the moment and you can listen to the songs, recordings and the cover versions that are available on YouTube. This music streaming service was launched in March 2019 and has hot 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. Transferring the music library from Google Music to YouTube Music is a piece of cake. Google earlier confirmed that their music streaming service users from South Africa and New Zealand will not be able to access the service in September. It is still the time for the users to save the music library even though you need to move to YouTube Music.

How to Transfer your Playlist to YouTube Music:
First of all download YouTube Music app.
Now you will see a transfer button in the app which will initiate transferring process of your Play Music history, uplaods, playlists and the purchased content.
Once the transfer is completed you will receive an email and notification.
YouTube Music’ home screen will also show the updated recommendations which are based on your likes/dislikes and the playlists.

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WhatsApp is switching on shop button on business profiles

In the COVID-19 era people’s dependence on the communication apps has been increased greatly. Same is the case with WhatsApp, the number one messaging app on Internet. Whats now has made it very simple and easy for the businesses to sell on the platform. Now WhatsApp is adding a shopping button as well as direct purchase option to the Business Profiles thus making it easier for the customers to flow through.

According the stakeholders at WhatsApp they are planning to expand the ways for the people to check out the available products and also make the purchases right from the chat. They also made it very simple for businesses to integrate the features into existing eCommerce and the customer solutions. This will be very productive for the small businesses who have been impacted in this time. This service will the launched worldwide soon. The businesses will now also get to option to manage the WhatsApp messages through hosting services that Facebook is planning to offer. This feature will make it very simple and easy for the small and medium businesses to get started. You can sell the products and also keep the the inventory up to date. With this you can reply to the messages they receive instantly wherever the employees are.

The company is claiming that 175M people message WhatsApp Business account each day. More than 68% of international adults said that they are interested to do business with a company that can be contacted through messaging. In India there are 78% adults who agree that messaging saves time than calling a business. Now 75 % prefer to message a business than before the COVID-19 pandemic. The poll was done among more than 8000 in USA, Germany, UK, India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia without mentioning the brands and products.

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How to use Apple’s new Translate app offline

With iOS 14, Apple has brought the feature which people was desperately waiting i.e. Translate. With this feature, Apple is aiming at taking on Google Translate. The new Translate app of Apple will not just only perform the usual language but also comes with the features like conversation mode. It has got the support for multiple languages and many more. We are going to see what is inside the new Translate app.

Translate Text:
Open the Translate app and then select the two languages by simply tapping the boxes at the top.
Now start typing the desired language that you need to translate from.
Once you are written the text you can tap ‘Go’ to show the translated text.
Translate Speech:
Open the app and then select the languages by simply tapping the boxes at the top.
Now you need to tap the microphone button located under the text field and then start speaking. You can speak in any of the two languages that you have selected.
Once it is done you need to take a pause and the app will show the translated text on your screen.
You can also tap the play button in order to play the translation out loud.
App Translate: Conversation mode:
The conversation mode lets you translate the conversations while they happen. In order to enable this from the app you are required to follow these steps.

First you need to open the Translate app and then select languages by tapping the boxes at the top.
Now rotate your phone into the landscape mode.
Now you are required to tap the microphone button and then start talking.
The app will keep on automatically translating as when the conversation has a break.
How many languages Apple Translate support?
Apple Translate at the moment supports 12 languages which includes Chinese, Arabic, French, English (US), English (UK), Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Apple will add support for other languages in future as well. The app also lets you download these languages offline in order to keep it useful all the time.